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Hello everyone!

Looks like the Mountain Heritage Festival went well. We went out on Friday night and listened to the storytelling “Precious Memories” put on by Cowan Community Center. I didn’t know R.C. Day, Carol Ison and Darrell Holbrook could sing.

I met Frances Sturgill Day and the bright and shining star of Elsie Banks, her son Carl Banks. He said that Elsie was staying with him and his family now. I miss her articles in the paper.

A young lady with the last name Spangler wrote and sang a song about the Scotia coal mine disaster in 1976. It was a beautiful song. They told stories about school, hog killing, and how Carol like Kendall’s lunches he brought to school in a little brown bag (he surprised her with a brown bag with a snowball cake in it).

They talked about the flood of 1927 that took several lives. They talked about how the mail got delivered to Whitesburg by train, also about some of the veterans and some of the people who lost their lives serving the country. At the end of the program, they sang “Precious Memories”, Old Regular Baptist style.

Some of the cast were Carl and Kendall Ison, Nell Meade Fields, Letha Ann Dollarhyde, Greta Fields, Regina (not sure of last name), Darrell Holbrook, R.C. Day, Frances Sturgill Day, and Carl B. Banks. Music by Cowan Community Music Group. Sorry if I missed anyone.

Also, a special thanks to the lady that help put it together.

They also talked about Irene and Eugene Day ‘s apple and chestnut trees and how the mountains used to be covered with chestnuts and Eugene Day said it looked like “snow on the mountain”. Doesn’t look like that anymore with all the stripping of the mountains.

I read on the Internet that Theresa Miles got married recently to John Redford, formerly of Letcher County. Congrats to them.

Happy birthday this week to Missy Fields, Sept. 28; Jessica Dobson Robinson, Oct. 3; Bobby Bear Davis, Oct. 4. Glen Miles will be 75 sometime this week. Happy birthday to all of them.

In memory this week is my father-in-law Roy Fields of Edmonton. He would have been 95 on Oct. 1. We still miss him.

My youngest granddaughter, Michaela Dawn Fields, was nominated as homecoming princess at North Decatur High School Sept. 27. She did not win, but she will always be our princess. She is 15 and growing up so fast. We are proud of her. She used to be so shy. Now she will talk your head off like her mamaw!

At the festival, I saw Arlene Collins, Rodney Boggs and his wife, Linda and Doug Pendleton, Marie Anna Pendleton and son Stony, Oma Hatton, Joyce Howard, Valerie Horn and a few other people I remembered.

Well, folks, by this time next week Kingscreek will have some new neighbors. Nancy Caudill Tolle and her husband will be moving back to the hills from New Albany, Ind. She is the daughter of the late Ruthie and Otis Caudill and eventually plans to move to Cowan. Let’s all give them a big welcome to the community.

I enjoyed last week’s articles about the radio station and Kingdom Come Settlement School. Brought back lots of memories.

Charlie Miles spent a couple days in the hospital. He is home now. Keep him in prayer.

This has been a very good week. The weather has been very pretty and cool at night. I think it is supposed to be cooler this week.

Well, time to say goodbye for now. Attend the church of your choice. Pray for someone. Until next time, may God bless.

P.S. On Friday evening, Arvie Boggs went to her daughter’s house in Jefferson, Tenn., and Saturday morning they went to Columbus, Ind., for her brother Eldra “Bub” and Maelean Pack’s 60th wedding anniversary. Then they came back to Jefferson, Tenn., to her daughter Rita’s house and stopped at her grandson Charles Lee and Frances Boggs’s house and then she got home on Sunday evening. She had a wonderful time, just wore out. She is 91 years old and glad she could make the trip.

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