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Storm damages Gwen Farmer’s garden

Southern Ohio

Howdy, folks! I guess Old Man Winter has finally to decide let go of his grip and hot weather came on with a vengeance. As I said, if you don’t like the weather in the Cincinnati, Ohio area stick around and it will change. I don’t live in Cincinnati, still the weather is about the same. The only difference, I do have a breeze where I live. I don’t have the window air conditioner in place yet, so I have a couple of windows open and the fan is going.

Someone decided that I could use a new window in my car as they whacked mine out. This is the second time in less than a year someone has vandalized my car. I am glad I have insurance. I guess someone must live a boring life to have to destroy something that isn’t bothering them. What someone may not know, I may be sitting on my porch with a shotgun and they just might have to pick buckshot’s out of their backside.

By the time this is being read I may have visited the mountains if plans don’t change. Gas isn’t getting any cheaper. If I do venture out, I won’t be making this trip by myself as my daughter, Angie Wiederhold, and little Bennie will be my traveling companions.

More on that subject next week if it should happen. Sometimes when I feel bad I had rather be at home than anywhere. I am sure some of you can relate to this.

How is the weather in your area? It sure has been rock and roll weather here for the last few days, although we have been lucky. I have made sure that I have a bottle of milk, diapers and a cover handy for little Bennie along with my cell phone in case I have to head for the basement with little Bennie. The electricity went off for a brief time, then when it came back on the satellite dish wasn’t on. Bennie couldn’t understand why the television wasn’t on. In the bedroom I have a television hooked up just to an antenna, so I turned it on to watch the weather. He couldn’t understand what happened to cartoons.

Betty and Doyle Ison were without electricity for several hours due to the storms, and in Dillsboro, Ind., people were without were power for several days.

Gwen Huff Farmer sent me some pictures of her place of damage done by hail. It sure made a mess of her shutters. The wind whipped pieces of her shed, along with doing damage to her son, Glen Farmer Jr.’s, house. There were several tree branches scattered all over. I am glad no one was hurt. Gwen had sent me some pictures of her garden and flowers; it looked so good. Gwen said the leaves were ripped from everything.

I haven’t been in contact with my friend, Shirley Wells, much because of the weather. I hope she is doing okay.

I baby-sat with my two greatgrandchildren, seven-year-old Samantha Gray, and 17-month-old T.J. Proctor. By the time WMMT came on I was just too tired to listen. Little T.J. is so precious; he is three weeks older than Bennie. T.J. will eat anything you give him, Bennie will smell of his food and not eat a lot.

As I was finishing my column my daughter, Kay, called to ask if I would like to go have breakfast at Bob Evans. Since I had nothing important to do of course I said yes. It was a very enjoyable morning. Kay had a surprise for me, a very pretty hibiscus plant, a late birthday present.

Kay has some roses that are growing close to her house. They are absolutely breathtaking, in fact this must be a good year for roses as mine are really blooming better than I have seen them in years. I have to keep an eye on my son, Keith Ballard, when he mows my yard as he can get too close to my flowers sometimes.

Ann and Johnny Calihan are doing alright. Their daughter, Teresa’s, husband, Jon, has been in a lot of pain as he had an accident and has pulled something severely. He is going to a specialist. They had a good visit with Ann’s brother, Hubert Caudill, and his wife who slipped in on them from North Carolina.

I had a very enjoyable phone call from Alberta Bailey from Hot Spot (Premium). It is always nice to talk to her.

My sympathy goes out to Larry Roark family of Kingscreek in the loss of Pam’s dad.

My sister, Loretta Church, is out of Letcher Manor Nursing Home. My brother, Wallace Lee Hall, and his wife, Georgia, seem to be doing all right. They are both still in Letcher Manor.

At the Old Time Fiddler meeting in Miamitown, Ohio, we had a good crowd and two special guest as my two anonymous friends came. It was a nice surprise. I enjoyed seeing them. Old Time Fiddlers meet the first Sunday of each month from 1 to 4 p.m.

My brother, Richie Hall, called to say that our brother, Jerry Hall, had to be rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night. I called the hospital and Mattie said Jerry was doing a little better.

My sister-in-law, Wanda, passed a car lot and saw a nice car and told Richie about it. It was a decent car so Richie bought it. When Wanda drove by the car lot she was so disappointed as she thought the car had been sold. Wanda was very surprised to see Richie driving it.

This girl is on the road so much due to her job as a Hospice worker, she can really rack the miles on one. I would like to get her a Road Runner decal if I could find one.

I really enjoyed talking to Bernice Baker, who is originally from the mountains of eastern Kentucky.

Bruce Jones, I will be checking out your garden if I am in the Ingrams Creek area! I guess pea season is over by now.

Levine Jones, bring your friend and stop by Old Time Fiddlers the next time.

Six-year-old Jessica Nottingham got the cast off her arm. It seems to be healing okay. It won’t be long until she will be back climbing again.

Little Katelyn Nottingham, who is four, has learned to ride a two-wheeler bike without training wheels.

Sarah Nottingham will be 10 July 29. She is so pretty and such a good girl. She is like a mother hen to her sisters.

My daughter, Anna Nottingham, called to tell me they were at the library and they had bluegrass music to kick off the summer reading program. I asked her if anyone was dancing. Anna informed me that only one person was dancing, my granddaughter Jessica. Anna said I had warped her brain with my bluegrass music!

Hello to Clarence and Arlyn Halcomb. I really enjoyed my visit with you two. Thanks for the beautiful flowers.

I am sorry I don’t have any news this time for my column. It seems I haven’t been doing anything except baby-sitting, which I love!

Until next time. Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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