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Storm leaves Ohio residents without power

Hello there everyone

As I start this column I am filled with anticipation. I wanted so badly to tell everyone that my friend Polly Maucher and I will going to the Kingdom Come High School reunion, hosted by Bonnie Ingram.

However I do not say when I am going to be gone on the Internet nor do I ever mention when someone else is leaving. It is not safe to be in your home, much less saying when you are leaving!

I will say I am going to be very disappointed as I was hoping to see and hear William Caudill & Route 7. I had planned on going to the Campbell’s Branch jam. I think I may skip that as I realize I am going to be pressed for time. It has been quite some time since I have been to the mountains and I want spend as much time with family as I can.

The weather sure isn’t co-operating with me on this end as we had a severe storm Monday afternoon. It knocked the electricity out until Wednesday afternoon.

My front yard was a mess as everything was blown off my porch and tree branches scattered about. When I walked around the corner of the garage I wasn’t prepared to see what was facing me as two huge tree branches from opposite sides of the driveway was meeting each other. I was very lucky as I had parked my car just a few feet farther in the driveway than I usually do as I had gotten tired of the birds making a mess on it, otherwise my car would have been covered.

I tried to pull the limbs and no way could I budge them so I thought maybe I could drive the van over as it sits higher off the ground. That didn’t work either. I finally got the tree trimmer and cut the branches enough to get the van through without damaging it so I was able to get out.

I finally was smart enough to realize I might have telephone service so I found my landline telephone. I called my friend Vickie Power and told her of my ordeal. Later in the afternoon I heard a noise outside. As I walked around the corner of the garage, Vickie was picking up small branches as her brother Dale Stanley was cutting with a chainsaw.

Neither one had called to say what they were doing. I helped as much as I could as I am still having problems with shortness of breath! Every one needs friends like this.

I feel bad mentioning what has happened here after what is going on in other places. When it hits home it hurts no matter how small.

I came home Thursday afternoon to find the electricity has been off for several hours once again. Without lights, television, or computer, it gave me some time for thinking of growing up at Roxana, how us kids would play underneath a shade tree. We had no toys, we could use our imagination and play with sticks, moss or sometimes carve a whistle from slippery elm branches. If we found a tree we could climb, this was a favorite time for me to pass away hours. Sitting perched on a limb I was lost in my own world.

The river at Roxana was not a threat as it really wasn’t deep enough to swim in. We never thought about drowning. Neither did some of the parents including my own mother as I was in that water every day during summer.

There was a place at Black Bridge close to Nora Frazier’s that was rather deep and somewhat dangerous, but young kids know no fear. With the grace of God none of us was hurt, nor snake bitten as we roamed the hills.

This time of year I yearn to go back on the hill at Roxana to see if there are still ivory bushes growing there. I still think that is where azaleas started. The love of wildflowers was instilled in me when I was little. I love daises that grow wild.

I have tried to bring several things from the mountains home with me such as one of the trees that the wind brought down. You might say this one came back to bite me in the behind as I have to have the rest taken down before long.

I sat on the porch watching as across the road from me the hayfield seemed to dance with the breeze. If you want something to make you relax, just take a few minutes to watch this motion as it goes back and forth.

The birds sang to me as I had no radio. I found myself singing as I sat on the swing. It was probably a good thing no one else heard me. Feeling tired was a good excuse to go to bed when it got dark as I was out of lamp oil. I just made sure I kept my cell phone handy and a flashlight. I could have stayed at my son’s apartment but decided to stay home.

I had enough water in the lines to last until Wednesday morning. I was very lucky as I had a bag of ice in the freezer and nothing thawed out in that time.

Would I want to live with modern conveniences? Not really! However I do know I could do it thanks to growing up in an era when you didn’t know there was such things as TV, etc.

The only thing I really wouldn’t want to do without is a telephone, but if I had to I could do without that too.

Gwen Huff Farmer was going to go to Kingdom Come reunion then her daughter Letha and granddaughter decided to pay her a visit. Gwen was really looking forward to seeing her friends once again. She hasn’t seen her daughter Letha in a long time. I know she will enjoy the visit. She was fixing banana pudding and chicken and dumplings for Letha.

Gwen said they had such a storm there that she didn’t think she had ever seen heard such strong winds. She had tree branches down at her place also, but her electricity was off just a short time.

I haven’t spoken to Ann or Johnny Calihan this week. I was supposed to go get some lettuce and onions and didn’t go. I wonder why?

Johnny is improving as he is taking extensive surgery. Their daughter Sue Wagoner is a nurse so she slips in several physical therapy sessions in between the regular therapist visits.

Shirley Wells, I wish it had been possible for you to have met me in the mountains.

Shirley, Gwen and I did get to listen to music on the computer from WVDX out of Knoxville, Tenn. This is on every Tuesday from 7 to 10 p.m.

Please keep watching for the book ‘The Will and The Wisp’ by James Armstrong that is to be released before long.

Well folks, I have a lot to do to get ready. My brother Richie is going to meet Polly and me, and then Richie and I will be going on to the cemetery on Big Branch where Mommy, Daddy, Clayton and Ora Hall, and our great-grandpa and great-grandma Will and Nance Coots are buried, then back to Kingscreek where our baby brother and sister are buried, along with our grandpa and aunt.

My sympathy goes out to the family of Richie’s neighbor Alf (I am sorry I can’t think of his last name). Alf died after I had sent my column in last week. They had been neighbors for many years.

Happy birthday to my brother Jerry Hall, June 3. Happy birthday to our uncle Charles Barton on June 3 also,.

I did venture to the Coon Hunter’s Club. I danced a few times. My friend Alphine Stacy was there. I told Alphine if I passed out she better not give me mouthto mouth resuscitation as she might steal my chewing gum!

My special musician Marvin Davis was there. Something happened as he left early, but John Muncy and his band did a good show. I really enjoy listening to John sing. His wife Wendy did a beautiful gospel song. Wendy has a big voice for a petite person. This is the first time I have met Wendy, and she is a very special person. Actually to put up with a musician you have to be.

John has a band member, Wayne Hall, and his dad, Wilbur Hall picked the banjo for them. I have known of Wilbur for several years. I was glad to see J.J. Arnold, who plays the bass, back with guys. J.J. had a mild heart attack several weeks ago.

My irises that I bought from Marvin Davis are so beautiful, no two are the same. It must be wonderful to have this knowledge to do this. I think it is called ‘hybridizing.’ I just know how to enjoy the beauty.

I will probably be seeing several of you at the reunion. I hope you still read and enjoy the column after you meet me, that is, if Polly doesn’t put me out alongside the road.

I will bring this to a close until next time. Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone 513-367-4682.

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