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Storm moves houseboats at Norris Lake in Tennessee

Hello everyone. I hope everyone had a great week. It was a busy one, which is good. I do enjoy retirement.

Karen Fields came in to visit family and friends. We saw her in the parking lot of the Pine Mountain Grill. She did come to Little Cowan and visit with Ramona Caudill. It was good seeing Karen.

My brother’s dog cornered another copperhead snake. That’s three in about two weeks. We were sitting on my brother’s porch and someone mentioned that after the storm snakes may be out. Two minutes later, the dogs had the snake cornered.

Randy Brown and Bob Caudill spent a few days fishing. I haven’t asked them how the fishing was but I’m sure it was good.

My cousin, Debbie Vice, and I spent time together on Thursday. We had lunch and then manicures and pedicures at Jenny Lea Academy. Later we went to one of the art classes sponsored by Letcher County Tourism. We painted Fishpond Lake and I think we did good jobs. We plan to do Bad Branch Falls and High Rock when they are offered. It was fun doing the art class. I’m glad Letcher County Tourism is sponsoring this class.

A.F. Dawahare passed away on July 18, 2019. He was married to Jeanna Maria Maloof Dawahare and they had four children: Julie (Vincent) Smith, Jimmy (Julia) Dawahare, Michael (Tracy) Dawahare, and Susie (Andrew) Coiner. He also had five grandchildren. Condolences to the families.

My cousin, Donna Watts, invited some of us to Norris Lake, Tenn., for a few days and we went. Those who went along with Donna were Susan Ware of Lexington, Laura Harris of Lexington, Debbie Vice of Flemingsburg, and me. We had a fantastic adventure as Norris Lake is a favorite place to go and it had been seven years since we were there. Swimming, boating, and talking made for a lovely time.

On Saturday afternoon a storm blew in. There were whitecaps on the lake and water was blown up on Donna’s houseboat porch. There was so much wind, that several of the houseboats moved. They were bumping into each other and going in different directions. Donna’s houseboat didn’t move as it was secured down. The houseboat that stays in front of hers was blown to the side of Donna’s. We took a lot of pictures of the houseboats as they were moving. No one was injured but a lot of people were wearing lifejackets as they were trying to straighten things out. It may take a week or longer before every floating houseboat is moved back to where it should be. As we were leaving on Sunday, the lady at the marina told us that the winds reached 80 miles per hour. The big houseboats moved everywhere and our little one stayed still.

Before I noticed the houseboats moving, I was picking up things the wind was blowing around. There was a package of strawberries that was blown over and I was on the side of the houseboat picking up the container and strawberries. After I did that, I walked to the front of the houseboat and noticed it didn’t look right. During the few minutes I was picking up strawberries, the other houseboats had been moving. Then I watched them move and bump into each other and realized what was going on. It was a strange feeling at first.

Everyone out there seemed to take it in stride as there was no panic. When the wind stopped, everyone went about their business even though they now had ‘close’ neighbors. The houseboats were moved enough to be in a long line. The marina owner and a few workers were there helping out. There were people who had been out on the lake in their boats and they came back to find their ‘homes’ had been moved. I’m sure they were surprised.

Every cousin trip is an adventure of some kind and this one was no exception. Usually these trips involve me getting hurt or sick. I did fall as we were unpacking the houseboat but I wasn’t hurt. We’re already planning our trip for next year.

The social media quote of the week is: “Treat people the way you want to be treated. Talk to people the way you want to be treated. Respect is earned, not given.”

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the adventure of life.

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