Whitesburg KY

Storms cause scary time

Southern Ohio

Hello all relatives, family friends and anyone else who may be reading this.

Having any rain your way? Seems we get a shower most every day. Have had some really bad storms. One day it was almost black outside and everyone was warned to take shelter. I can tell you, ‘twas a really scary time.

Would like to say Red and I have had a good day, but it wouldn’t be true. We are both just taking things day by day and like I tell him, whatever happens will be OK.

Some of the family are always with us. Don’t know what we’d do without them. Richard and Georgia were here tonight and Richard, with the help of Miss Wendy, treated us to a very good dinner.

‘Bout all I can write this time. Want to thank everyone for the beautiful cards, messages and prayers.

Love to all, have a great week, be kind to each other and keep smiling.

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