Whitesburg KY

Storytelling class to be held at Cowan

Hello folks! Once again I apologize for not having anything to write last week.

I was gone to Indiana and Florence to spend time with family and to take Mike up there to spend a couple of weeks with his brother Chad and family, and friends.

Mike needed some time away. Keep him in prayer. He sure misses Kay-Kay.

Big Cowan

Dennis Cove and band from Tennessee ( I believe) played at Hemphill on Friday night. They did more singing and picking and not as much talking. First time in Kentucky, and they were good. They played and sang a lot of the old country songs. I even danced the two-step one time with Ronnie Carroll, Sr.

It was fun. I was a little more relaxed than usual.

Had a great service Sunday morning at King’s Chapel Church. Matt Morton preached on the topic, “Make haste.”

Cecil Howard was there Sunday night. They both filled in while our pastor, Frank and Jeanne Adams, went to Tennessee for a few days

Hope they enjoyed their trip. We missed them, but church went on.

Sorry to hear that Sonia “Sonny” Fields died while I was gone. Prayers for Levine, Greta, Rachel, Jeremiah and Future. She will be missed but has her healing now and is rejoicing with the angels.

Was also saddened to hear of Sammie Caudill dying at the age of 61. He was a son of the late Ruthie and Otis Caudill, formerly of Big Cowan. My sympathy goes out to his wife, children and brother, Allen, and sisters, Nancy Tolle and Paula. We went to grade school together at Upper Cowan.

In remembrance this week: Chole Hall died three years ago in Knott County on June 4. She was a grandmother of the late Melinda “Kay-Kay” Daniel; Amy Ison died five years ago on June 8.

Happy anniversary to Autumn Brooke Boggs Bunch and Josh Bunch, married one year on June 8.

Happy birthday to Stoney Lucas on June 8. He is a son of Marie Anna Fields Pendleton. Also, happy anniversary to Linda and Herb Fields on June 10.

I will probably meet Mike in Lexington June 3, to bring him home. He keeps talking about moving to Indiana. I sure will miss him if he goes.

The play that we put on back in the winter will be done again on June 22 in the evening at Cowan Community Center with a live broadcast.

A class for storytelling with Bob Martin will start on Monday, June 22, at 9 a.m. Report to Cowan Community Center, or call Carol Ison at 633-9831 if interested and she can tell you about it.

Well folks, got to go. Have a good week and may God bless. Remember the Willie and Susan Fields reunion on July 4. Same time as last year.

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