Whitesburg KY

Stranded motorists rescued by kind strangers

Hello, everyone! How are things going in your little corner of this huge mixed-up world?

Johnny and Ann Calihan and I made our way to Letcher Manor Nursing Home at Whitesburg, You should have seen my sister, Loretta Church’s, face when she saw me standing at the foot of her bed. She had to take another look as if she couldn’t believe that I was there.

I had not told anyone that I was heading for the mountains except my brother Richie Hall. This was a surprise visit for myself, as I sort of invited myself to go with Johnny and Ann. This was a very enjoyable trip going down, and would have been coming back, except their car got tired and gave out on them.

We made it just past the Dry Ridge, Owenton exit, and it broke down. If anything ever happens and I am out alone, I hope there’s someone like the couple who stopped to help out, Todd and Diane Honage of Dry Ridge.

Ann called her daughter, Carol, and Jack who live in New Richmond, which is rather far away. I asked her to let me call my son-in-law, Scott Nottingham. I knew Scott or my daughter, Anna, could get there a lot faster than Ann’s children. I walked back to make sure of the closest exit number. Scott, being a policeman, had to have every detail!

Johnny has not forgotten how to climb steep inclines. While I was walking in the level, Johnny went up the side of the bank to find out the name of the road above us. That is when Todd and Diane came into the picture.

Johnny was able to get the car to an over pass, so we were in the shade. Scott was on his way to pick us up, so Todd got on the phone with Scott, saying he had already gotten in touch with a towing service and he and his wife would take us to the BP station at Crittenden. If anyone in the Dry Ridge area reads The Mountain Eagle, you sure have two very sweet people living in your area.

Southern Ohio

In just a few seconds Scott was to our rescue. He proceeded to take us to his and Anna’s house. Anna was going to drive us on to Harrison, Ohio, but after a change of plans I drove their full-size van home. I asked Johnny, being the devout Christian he is, if he was praying in the back seat.

I began to think all three of us better start praying that we didn’t run out of gas. That daughter of mine (Anna) told me we had enough gas to get to Harrison. I drove into the gas station on fumes!

Everything turned alright except the problem with the car was more serious than Johnny thought – the air conditioner, plus a serpentine belt, plus towing. I am afraid to offer gas money again, he just might take it, Just kidding!

While I was down in the mountains, after visiting Loretta in the nursing home, Johnny and Ann dropped me off at my brother, Jerry Hall’s. Mattie was gone, though she came home soon. My brother, Richie’s, wife, Wanda, came to Jerry’s to pick me up and we all went back to the nursing home to be with Loretta, then I went to spend the night with Wanda.

I want to say a special thanks to Minnie Page’s daughter, Shelsie, who was visiting her mom from Ohio. Since I had no wheels, Shelsie took me to visit my brother, Wallace Lee Hall, and Georgia. Later I had Shelsie drop me off at Letcher Manor so I wouldn’t have to ask Johnny and Ann to come back to Jerry’s to pick me up. This is the first time I have ever been down home without a car; it sure felt strange.

Levine Jones of Bristol, Tenn., went to visit his cousin, Bruce Jones on Ingrams Creek, along with Barb and Rick Jones. A delicious meal of chicken and dumplings was enjoyed by everyone. Bruce has a secret recipe for chicken and dumplings. I wonder if he would share it with me.

I really enjoying teasing these two guys. Bruce told me when we met during Memorial weekend, he could detect a little of my great-grandmother, Nance Coots, as far as teasing. My grandmother, Betty Barton, could get you going too.

I read Ike Adams’s column about his adventure with a snake in his chair. As I was using the weed eater in the yard, I killed a small brown snake. If I had known I had done this, the weed eater would have gone one way and me the other. It seems every summer you will find these brown crawly creatures in the yard.

Clarence and Arlyn Halcomb took a vacation with some friends; they spent a week in Branson, Mo., during the Fourth of July. Arlyn says a good time was had by all. They really enjoyed getting away as neither Arlyn nor Clarence can drive any more.

Gwen Huff Farmer is so busy with her garden she hasn’t had time to fool with her computer. Gwen has been having an abundance of fresh vegetables.

My daughter, Kay Gray, is having lots of tomatoes. She had less when I left her house as I brought several home with me.

I wish I could share with Shirley Wells in Clarksville, Tenn., as I know how much she enjoys fresh produce from the garden. Shirley has been busy this summer with her grandchildren.

My daughter, Anna, and Scott along with Sarah, Jessica, and Katelyn are spending a week at a lake at St. Mary’s. Scott says Anna is a city girl camper as they took a small refrigerator with them. I had to laugh at that one.

Scott wants a butterscotch pie from the Parkway Inn Restaurant. He has fussed at me for not bringing him back a pie. I guess I will get a box of butterscotch pudding and pie filling and make him one.

Elaine Adams of London sent me a web site; The Mountain Eagle is now online. It sure seemed strange reading it on my computer.

Woody Whitaker, I thought you would like to hear that my arm has healed. I painted a bathroom for a friend of mine and as I was painting I thought of you. I wish some of you Whitaker gang would call and let me know about our little extra mountain mama Alma Whitaker.

Betty and Doyle Ison and their families are getting along fine. Betty and her friend, Alice, have been enjoying going to church at Dillsboro, Ind.

I have been receiving quite a bit of nice response for Letcher County Day Sept. 29, in Harrison, Ohio. Please keep that date open. Bring a lunch and something to drink. There are electric plugs if you want to bring a coffee pot. Bring a lawn chair just in case Please, no alcohol. Come early stay late.

I hope these storms that have been hitting this area haven’t done too much damage in your area.

Well, folks, that old clock just keeps chasing me and I am not moving too fast, so until next time.

Rose Ballard Durham, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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