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Strange BUT TRUE



• In 2015, Godzilla was made an official resident of the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo. The “King of Monsters” was not only given Japanese citizenship, but also appointed as the ward’s tourism ambassador.

• When Henri IV of France wed Maria de Medici in 1600, he could not actually be present for the ceremony. Instead, he sent a life-sized sculpture of himself … made entirely out of sugar.

• Knowing they might never return safely from the moon, Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 crew worried about the prospect of leaving their families without financial support, but couldn’t take out life insurance policies due to the extreme risks of their mission. Instead, they signed hundreds of autographs to be sold if they didn’t make it home. Thankfully, those weren’t needed, but still show up in space memorabilia auctions today, going for as much as $30,000.

• Only two sports have been played on the moon — golf and the javelin throw.

• At a NOAA conference in 1972, civil and women’s rights activist Roxcy Bolton proposed naming hurricanes after senators instead of women. She also preferred the term “him-icanes.”

• A donkey will sink in quicksand, but a mule won’t.

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