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Strange BUT TRUE



• In early 2016, a 155-year-old mousetrap caught a mouse in a British museum. The trap was part of the exposition and hadn’t even been considered operational for a long time.

• Bill Nye the Science Guy holds a patent for ballet pointe shoes.

• Some odd things have been sold online, but an entire country? Yep, a fellow from Brisbane, Australia, tried to sell New Zealand on eBay in 2006! The site closed the auction at a top bid of $3,000.

• A mental phenomenon called the Troxler effect, discovered in 1804, causes people to see monsters in mirrors — whether they say “bloody Mary” three times or not.

• In order to prevent Boggle players from using a certain swear word, the letters F and K appear only once on the same cube, making it impossible for them to both be played at the same time.

• In 1987, Steve Rothstein paid $250,000 for a lifetime unlimited first-class American Airlines ticket, even hopping on planes to get a sandwich or go to a baseball game in other cities. It cost American Airlines around $21 million, and they unsurprisingly ended his contract in 2008.

• Levi’s once made an all-denim tuxedo for singer Bing Crosby after he was refused admittance to a hotel simply for wearing jeans.

• Japan has the highest density of vending machines worldwide, with approximately 5 million machines, or one for every 23 people. You can buy everything from live lobsters and bread in a can to underwear and Buddhist amulets from a vending machine.

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