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• Many people in South Korea opt to compress the remains of the dead person into gem-like beads in different colors, which are then displayed at home.

• Greenland sharks don’t reach puberty until they are 150 years old.

• The first hoop skirt was worn by Queen Juana of Portugal, in a bid to hide the fact she was pregnant.

• In 2015, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield released the first ever album recorded entirely in space, titled “Space Sessions: Songs from a Tin Can.”

• The oldest known customer service complaint was written on a clay cuneiform tablet in Mesopotamia 4,000 years ago. In it, a customer named Nanni complains that he was sold inferior copper ingots.

• Russia only classified beer as an alcoholic drink in 2011.

• Japanese trains, reputedly the most punctual in the world, issue passengers with a “delay certificate” if a train is running more than five minutes behind schedule. The documents can be shown to bosses or teachers to explain a passenger’s lateness.

• In 1984, New Zealand Prime Minister Robert Muldoon got drunk and decided to spontaneously call a general election, which he lost.

• Before battles, some Roman gladiators read product endorsements. The makers of the film “Gladiator” planned to show this but nixed the idea for fear that audiences wouldn’t believe it.

• A person with geomelophagia has the urge to eat raw potatoes.

• In the late 1800s in Corinne, Utah, you could buy legal divorce papers from a vending machine for $2.50.

• Late in his life, Guglielmo Marconi believed no sound ever dies completely. He dreamed of building a device strong enough to pick up the actual words of Jesus at the “Sermon on the Mount.”

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Thought for the Day: “There are years that ask questions, and years that answer.” — Zora Neale Hurston

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