Whitesburg KY




• A team of Japanese scientists and engineers created a fire alarm for the deaf that works by spraying vaporized wasabi into the air — it will even wake them up if they’re sleeping.

• Bees can fly higher than Mount Everest.

• In 1960, during a period of high tensions between Havana and Washington, a Cuban cow got hit by a chunk of a falling U.S. satellite. Islanders got a dig in at their American neighbors by parading another cow through the streets sporting a sign that read, “Eisenhower, you murdered one of my sisters!”

• Before trees existed, the earth was covered with giant white mushrooms.

• All astronauts going to the International Space Station have to learn to speak Russian, as the controls of their Soyuz spacecraft are in that language.

• Fried chicken originated in Scotland.

• Off-duty paramedic Matthew McKnight earned the dubious Guinness World Record for furthest distance thrown by a car when he was hit by a vehicle traveling 70 mph and was catapulted 118 feet. Amazingly, while he suffered serious injuries, he managed to recover.

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