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Strange BUT TRUE



Sir Isaac Newton invented the cat flap. Newton was experimenting in a pitch-black room when Spithead, one of his cats, kept opening the door and wrecking his experiment. The flap kept both human and feline happy.

• “Brave New World” author Aldous Huxley became almost completely blind as a teenager. He regained much of his sight later in life, crediting an unorthodox treatment known as “The Bates Method,” which recommends never using eyeglasses and exposing one’s eyes regularly to sunlight.

• The ancient Greeks believed that redheads would turn into vampires after they died.

• Walt Disney’s “ The Three Little Pigs,” released in 1933, was seen as symbolic of the Great Depression, with the wolf representing the Depression and the three little pigs representing average citizens who eventually succeeded by working together.

• In Japan, Domino’s started testing pizza delivery via reindeer in 2016.

* The average office chair with wheels travels about 8 miles per year.

• Chicago Cubs outfielder Rick Monday became a national hero when he rescued an American flag from two men trying to set it on fire at Dodger Stadium during a game on April 25, 1976. The 25,167 fans gave him a standing ovation and started singing “God Bless America.”

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Thought for the Day: “First find a path, and a little light to see by. Then push up your sleeves and start helping.” — Anne Lamott

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