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Strange BUT TRUE


• “Bonobo,” the common name for apes, was a typo. Researchers are said to have first found the animals in the town of Bolobo, Zaire, but misspelled the town’s name as “Bonobo” on the crate in which one was shipped, and the error stuck.

• Are you a fan of coffee breaks? Then you’ll want to head to Stoughton, Wisconsin, for their annual Coffee Break Festival, featuring coffee tastings, “brew-offs” and — seriously — bean spitting contests. Next one’s in August.

• The world’s largest padlock measures an impressive 56.8 inches tall, 41.3 inches wide, and 10.2 inches deep, and weighs in at 916 pounds. Sorry, we don’t know what it was built to protect …

• One of the earliest known vacuum cleaners was so large that it had to be hauled via a horse-drawn carriage. Giant hoses were inserted into customers’ windows while a gas-powered motor sucked dirt into a glass container for the shock and awe of onlookers.

• You can thank the American armed forces for the first McDonald’s Drive-Thru, which made its debut in Sierra Vista, Arizona, near the Fort Huachuca military installation. Rules prohibited soldiers from wearing their uniforms in public, and no one wanted to switch to civvies just to grab a burger, so restaurant manager David Rich cut a hole in the wall, allowing them to pick up their orders without leaving their vehicles. Unsurprisingly, the idea quickly caught on with the general public.

• The next time someone tells you they’re sweating like a pig, they’re actually lying (though, we’re sure, unintentionally!): Pigs are born without sweat glands, hence the need for a nice mud puddle to cool off in.

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Thought for the Day: “The beauty of nature has been one of the great inspirations of my life.” — Jim Henson

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