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Strange But True



  • It was 19th-century French novelist Gustave Flaubert who made the following sage observation: “Our ignorance of history makes us libel our own times. People have always been like this.”

  • You probably are aware of the fact that slugger Babe Ruth held the record for the most home runs; you might not know, though, that he also held the record for the most strike-outs.

  • The nuns who were with her at the time of her death claim that the last words spoken by Mother Teresa were, “I love you, Jesus. I love you, Jesus.” However, her doctor says that her last words were, “I can’t breathe.”

  • Johannes Gutenberg got the idea for a printing press from seeing a wine-making press.

  • If you like to go out and hit the greens on a nice summer day, you might want to consider this fact the next time you’re thinking about breaking out the irons and putters: More people are struck by lightning on golf courses than anywhere else.

  • One of the great tragedies of the United States was the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre (incidentally, it was also the first assassination of a chief executive of our nation). Most people don’t realize, though, that another, less well-known part of the family was also murdered. It’s been reported that Lincoln’s dog, Fido, jumped up on a drunk man, who then stabbed the pooch to death for getting muddy paws on his clothes.

  • Grammy award-winning Cuban-American singer and songwriter Jon Secada was a runner up in New Jersey’s Golden Gloves.

  • Thought for the Day: “Any frontal attack on ignorance is bound to fail because the masses are always ready to defend their most precious possession – their ignorance.” – Hendrik Willem van Loon

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