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Strange But True



• It was longtime U.S. Congressman from Minnesota Eugene J. McCarthy who made the following sage observation: “It is dangerous for a national candidate to say things that people might remember.”

• You may not be surprised to learn that the portions offered in fast-food restaurants have increased in size during the past few decades, but you may find the amount of the increase to be shocking: Portions are now anywhere from two to five
times as large as they were in 1980.

• Because fortunetelling is considered to be a form of witchcraft in Australia, psychic readings are illegal Down Under.

• Talk about a serious typo: In 2008, the Chilean mint issued thousands of copies of a coin with the country’s name spelled “Chiie” instead of “Chile.”

• Tibet is the only country in the world whose national flagis not in the shape of a rectangle.

• In December of 1811, parts of the Mississippi River flowed backward due to an earthquake in the region.

• A survey of elementary school kids reveals that 66 percent of youngsters think that glasses make a person look smarter, while 57 percent think people who wear glasses look more honest.

• The world’s longestlasting light bulb, which can be found in a fire station in Livermore, Calif., has been in use for 107 years. Experts say that the bulb’s extremely low wattage and the fact that it is rarely turned on and off have contributed to its longevity.

• The world’s most filmed story is “Cinderella,” followed by “Hamlet.”

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