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Strange weather in Ohio

Southern Ohio

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

I suppose almost everyone feels a little Irish this time of year. When I was working I used to wear something green on St. Patrick’s Day, but now I don’t even own anything green.

We sure have been having some strange weather in these parts. First it was some snow and black ice that caused lots of wrecks and shut down the interstate, then a few beautiful days have followed. I noticed there are several trees that are starting to bloom, and the hyacinths are beginning to bloom also.

Daffodils are in full bloom and are so pretty. I don’t ever remember seeing everything budding out or in bloom like it is this year. I do remember forsythia blooming several years ago in April with snow so deep that it bent them over.

Friday evening, I went to Coon Hunter’s Club on the outskirts of Hamilton. If my mind doesn’t change, I think I am going to quit going, as it is getting so crowded.

There’s one woman who goes there that thinks she owns the place, but she is just someone who goes like the rest of us. My friend Shirley got there real early to save a table for six of us, and this woman pushed her way in and took our seats. Sometimes I go to have a good time and to get away from aggravations, not to be aggravated.

Saturday morning, I was at my daughter Anna Nottingham’s at 6:30 to go watch my granddaughter Jessica Nottingham’s soccer game. Jessica’s soccer team won their game. This is such a competitive sport and the girls are so aggressive, I don’t know if I like it or not. They wear protective shin guards, but the way the young girls kick the soccer ball and will accidentally kick each other, though I don’t think some of the kicks are accidents.

Then at 1:30 my granddaughter Sarah Nottingham had a band concert, so I went to that. Sarah is in Beechwood Marching Band in the Select Band. There were 500 students from different parts of Kentucky who tried out for this band. There’s something called first and second chair, and Sarah came in second chair out of 500.

The band director asked how many students were taking private lessons, and over half of the students are participating in this. Sarah practices three hours every evening and still gets straight A’s in school.

She told me she really didn’t think she had really done that good as she started her piece and stopped and then started over, but evidently she did something right.

This event was held at Grieves Auditorium at Northern Kentucky University, and as I sat and listened to the students, and watched Sarah, I am glad I was holding my little grandson Kyle as tears started slipping down my face. Sarah and the group always look so neat. I am so proud of all my grandchildren.

There’s a boy in Sarah’s class who gives her a rough time as Sarah is better than him in band. They have a right to challenge each other if one does a little better than the other.

Sarah won’t challenge him as I think she likes him a little. Well he didn’t make it into the Select Band, so he along with a few other students decided to have a little party at school, and they called it a Better Than Select Band Party.

Saturday night, Sarah, Jessica and Katelyn, along with my great-granddaughter Samantha Gray, spent the night with me. This is the first time they’ve all spent the night here together in quite sometime. I have to admit that I fell asleep while the girls entertained themselves. Sarah is 13, Jessica is 10, Katelyn is 8 and Samantha is 10.

I leaned back in the chair watching television and fell asleep for a little while. I had planned to have a wiener and marshmallow roast, but it was too chilly for me. It is a good thing I had taken the girls to Subway for supper.

Katelyn is in the third grade, but she is reading about sixth-grade level. This little girl is amazing with her vocabulary. As I was listening to a conversation between Katie and the girls, I heard Katie say something about the farmers being consumers and producers on their farm.

I joined in the conversation and Jessica said they had gotten used to Katelyn’s big words so they didn’t pay any attention to her as half the time she didn’t know what she was talking about. Now this made me secretly smile.

Sunday was Old Time Fiddlers, and Vickie Power and the girls were a lot of help to me, plus they really enjoy this event. Attendance was small for this as it was held on a different Sunday, so we had a few new people, and a very special musician, Gary Eldridge

Sunday afternoon, Old Time Fiddlers, Vickie and I all stopped at McDonald’s, and then we headed for Rising Sun, Ind., at the park by the river. This is a favorite place of the girls as the park has a great playground. This has been a special place for me for many years. I love to go sit by the water and watch the boats go up or down the river, or just sit quietly, or to read or write by myself.

I talked to Ann Calihan for a little while, and she and her family are doing alright.

Hello to Johnny’s sister, Hattie Taylor in Georgia. I have neglected Hattie, and she reads The Mountain Eagle all the time.

It seems as if I am never going to get to see Doyle and Betty Ison. I guess I am just going to have to slow down and go see them.

My brother Richie Hall finally got the wound vac off his hip, and it is healing a little better.

Richie tried to call me to tell me that our brother Jerry Hall had fallen and injured his head. Jerry was in the hospital a couple of days, but with the girls here I never even checked my phone. I am glad it wasn’t any more serious than what it was.

My granddaughter Jennifer Proctor’s husband, Tommy Proctor, is having surgery on his neck at University Hospital. Tommy has some serious issues with the vertebrae and discs in his back. I hope this ends his pain.

March 13 would have been our dad Clayton Hall’s birthday. It is so hard to imagine Dad being 87 years old.

Hello to my sister Loretta Church and the gang at Letcher Manor Nursing Home.

Hello to Gwen Huff Farmer and Shirley Wells.

Don’t forget to go enjoy the music at Blackey Community Center, March 17.

Well I’d better get this on its way since, as usual, I am running behind. So until next time.

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