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Streets used to be crowded on Saturdays


Hello, everyone. I hope things are going well for all of you.

I can’t believe it’s time for news again; time is going so fast it’s hard to dig up news.

I’ll tell you what, this has been a lazy week for this old gal. I haven’t been anywhere except to the Veterans Center. I did venture up to the Ermine Center and all their cars were there, but no people. They had gone to another center, I think for a Halloween party.

I haven’t done anything and didn’t want to go anywhere. I’m not sick, not bored, not depressed or anything, but lazy. I certainly didn’t want to do any work although I had plenty to do. I enjoyed the week anyway. Do any of you ever feel that way?

I was shocked to hear of the death of Barbara (Holstein) Bates, who lived about half a mile from me. Our sympathy to all of her family. She was a sweet and friendly lady.

My sons, Rob and Billy Hatton, and I enjoyed going to Fish Tales in Virginia last week. We couldn’t eat here on account of the water problems we were having. It’s sure caused a lot of problems to us all. They say the water is safe now.

It sure put a stop to a lot of businesses here and the school were shut down. They supplied us with water to drink and for other needs, but we had to heat our water like in the old days. It’s been rough, and I hope it’s all over now and we can get back to normal — whatever that is.

Our beautiful health department building is coming right along. It’s sure big. I said it was big enough to swallow Whitesburg. It will sure be a help to a lot of people. It sure was a big improvement to that end of town that was a big eyesore.

We have had a lot of beautiful buildings built here since 1941 when I moved here. I can still remember all of the old stores that are no longer here. They are all good memories still.

The streets were always crowded on Saturdays, as it seemed like everyone went to town then to shop and see all of the people.

I loved that and looked forward to it every week. There was no other place to go. I was never out of Kentucky until I was about 17 years old. I never wanted to leave.

We are having a family Christmas for Clyde at the Veterans Center on December 20 at Hazard. I hope all of the family can make it. That’s all I want for Christmas, all of the family together.

I know it’s hard for the ones who work and live away. But last year they all made it and we all agreed it was one of our best Christmases.

Our Howard family Christmas party will be on Dec. 13, so all of you Howards start making plans to be there. It will be at Sandlick Fire Department, and we will have new babies to show off.

I want to wish two of my grandsons a happy birthday. Jonathan “Jump” Hatton has one the 14th of November, and Jamie Hatton has one on the 29th of November. They are the sons of Sandra and Billy Hatton. I’m proud of them

Jamie is a lawyer and Jump is in medical school making a doctor. I’m proud of all of my grandchildren. They have all done very well.

A big hello to Emma Lou, Rose, Gladys and Elsie Banks, and Diana who writes the Blackey News. I’ve tried to call Gladys and can’t reach her. She must be a very busy lady. I enjoy all your news, and all the others’ also.

This news from the Ermine Senior Citizens Center:

“We had a great Halloween party at the Kingscreek Center. All the county centers attended. They were great hosts, lots of prizes and good food. Even the Blues Brothers showed up with a strange looking woman who had a mustache. The rumor was it could have been Judge Jim Ward, Eddie Meade, and John Adams.

“The Ermine Center’s own Lizzie Mae Wright won a nice floral arrangement for her costume. Several of our folks won prizes. Lennon Hammock won a hedgehog for the flower garden, Carl Parrott and Doris Bentley won cakewalks.

“We went shopping recently. LKLP took us on two of its big vans. The drivers sure were nice. We went to Hamerick’s near Johnson City and Fort Henry Mall in Kingsport. We had lunch at Golden Corral. We would like to thank LKLP for the nice ride. Everyone had a great time.”

May God bless all of you. Try to be at church somewhere this week.

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