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Struttin’ Time

This turkey season was a fun one

What a beautiful, sad day. Beautiful because it is not raining, and I got to go turkey hunting this morning, my final trip for spring turkey season.

I came to my farm in West Virginia to hunt with a friend who can’t hear. What? A turkey hunter who can’t hear? That is wild. He trust me to be his ears, and most of the time his eyes.

I am sad because I realize that as much as I hate to admit it, in case you can’t tell, I am addicted to turkey hunting. Season just went out half-hour ago, and I am already in withdrawal.

I have laughed at my friend all morning. On a scale of one to 10, he is a zero when it comes to knowing how to turkey hunt. His name is Felber, that is his only name I suppose, I never heard him called anything else, just Felber. Well, I heard two jakes cutting up in a tree well before daylight. I tried to let Felber know to be extra quiet and not to spook the jakes. He promptly asked me what I was saying, and I know you could hear him for a mile.

We got set up and just as I feared, as soon as I hit the call here came the jakes. I leaned over to tell Felber that if he wanted, he could take one of the jakes. “Do what?” he shouted. I told him in a regular voice so he wouldn’t shout again. How do I get myself in these messes?

He told me they tasted better than the old gobblers, like I needed to start a conversation with him and the jakes getting closer. Well, in just a few minutes I saw the red heads top the hill.

Felber must have been the one to coin the saying, “When you see the red, pump the lead.” He shot so fast I really didn’t know what happened for a second, and what really threw me off was he shot away from the birds.

Yep! He had his finger on the trigger when he let off the safety. Good-bye turkeys.

The second most common sound that will make a turkey hunter cry is putt, putt, as the turkey runs away. Number one sound that makes a turkey hunter want to shoot himself is putt, putt, boom. I rolled on the ground.

Well, at least I had fun this season.

Spring squirrel season is in, came in May 21 and runs through June 17.

Let me run something by all ya’ll. Let’s try to get the Kids Day Committee to let us have an oldfashioned squirrel gravy breakfast at the Neon Kids Day on Oct. 1. Save all your squirrels, and I will take to the committee. Wouldn’t that be a good event?

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