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Struttin’ Time

Hunting is about more than the kill

As my mind wanders back to what I consider a simpler time, I am awakened to the present with this thought: Were those really the good old days or are we as hunters living them now?

We have much more game to hunt now than at any point in my lifetime — and probably yours — but the amount of game we have is not what hunting should be all about. Hunting is not about the kill either, as the term should make plain.

Hunting is a time to get back to nature — to sit and watch and listen to the night creatures go to bed and the day creatures wake up. It is a time to watch your son or daughter swat at the bugs as they swarm their heads. It is a time to watch those same sons and daughters nod off to sleep from having to wake up so early. Hunting should be a time when you examine yourself to see if you are at peace with your neighbor, or more importantly, at peace with yourself. Hunting should be a time to reflect on what has happened in your past and where you are going in the future. I believe we put too much emphasis these days on the kill and not the hunt.

Some of my worst hunts have been the ones that ended 30 minutes after daylight when I found myself disappointed that I already had a big longbeard over my shoulder because I never had time to enjoy the reason I was there in the first place — to hunt and be at peace with myself.

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