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Struttin’ Time

Thoughts of friends, home never leave

When the dawn broke on the Snake River in late September it was as beautiful as any as I have ever seen. My guide and outfitter for that trip sounded a lot like us. He never spoke in those long drawn out words that I have become so accustomed to on my journeys (such as hunting instead of huntin’).

The river was swift just a few yards from where our raft was moored and it wasn’t long before we were on a nine-mile wild river fishing trip that would last more than eight hours. The Idaho mountains rose like a rocket toward the sky and the green pines were in stark contrast to our part of this great country, where things are starting to turn golden. Within a matter of minutes I was catching fish. I could tell that it would be a wonderful day, even without the catching of fish.

I listened to my guide tell me about the people and what brought them there and about the small towns that sprung up where there was no roads because of the railroads. He also told about how the railroad towns were the center of these people’s lives.

As we floated and caught fish and I listened to the stories, my attention was drawn to something white in a green tree. It was a bald eagle and my heart swelled with pride as I recalled the excitement our own little county had when a bald eagle came to visit us a while ago. Every so often I had to come back into the real world as we worked our way downstream in waters that would drown you in a second.

As I took in the whole trip with pictures in my mind, I also took pictures with my camera. Those I hope to share with you sometime. Although my body may be on a river far away, my mind is always on my friends in Letcher County. You may not be able to travel with me in person, but I hope the things I write about lets you take a minute from your busy lives and enjoy the ride.

My next big trip will be on October 15 to hunt black bear hunt in North Carolina. The season opens there October 17.

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