Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time

A blessing from an Indian chief

How many of you have met a chief of the Cherokee Nation? Would you have thought he would be in Whitesburg? Or that he lives in Stanford, Kentucky? Well the honor is all mine to have met Chief Running Elk, and I did meet him in Whitesburg.

He was a quiet spiritual man and one of the most humble men I have ever talked with. I could feel his soul speak with mine. The salt and pepper hair that he had drawn into a pony tail and the way he walked and talked made me know for sure that this man was a man of peace. He talked of his proud heritage and his way of life, leaving me wanting to know more.

I asked this great chief to give me a blessing, although he will never know that just meeting him was a blessing in itself. As he blessed me and my spirit was lifted, I could tell before we parted that my life was already benefitting.

Chief Running Elk and myself will meet again soon. I plan to go to Sanford and learn at his campfi re. He left me with this prayer that I will pass it to you: “Great Spirit Grandfather, let all wisdom, knowledge and understanding be my strength to continue on this path that I travel on before you as a traditional Native American Indian, now and forever.”

To you, Chief Running Elk, peace be unto you my new brother. And may the spirit of happiness never leave your door.

What a life I live!

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