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Struttin’ Time

Amendment deserves passage

It is now official — we have a Sandhill crane season in Kentucky.

Although the anti’s raved against it — along with some socalled hunters — the law easily passed. Now what to do?

I think I’ll be one of the first hunters to run out and apply for a tag. Not! Although we addressed this issue in another edition of Struttin’ Time, my feelings have not changed. If some hunters want to hunt Sandhill cranes, let them go for it. I won’t open my mouth and say one bad word about them. That is our problem now — hunters fighting too much amongst themselves. We fight over whether to use hunting dogs or not to use hunting dogs, bow hunting against crossbow hunting, rifle hunting against blackpowder hunting and on and on.

Let’s stop fighting each other and fight our true enemy — the anti’s. Sometime it is hard to tell the difference. In the coming months we will be asked to decide to make it a right in our Constitution to allow hunting and fishing. I predict the biggest fight will be getting all the hunters on board. Many think we already have that right. NEWS FLASH: We don’t. But thanks to our great friend in Frankfort, State Representative Leslie Combs, we can make it happen. Let us all work hard to get this passed.

I am now in North Carolina for a black bear hunt, so by the time you read this I may be eating bear stew. Also I would like to pass along that I have all my turkey hunting trips for 2012 planned and paid for. I will hunt Florida, Kansas, and Wyoming before returning home to hunt the Eastern. Please be safe in the woods, and return home safely to your family.

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