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Struttin’ Time

How did 2011 go by so fast?

As another year nears its end, I sit and ponder about the year gone by and ask, where did it go? I had so much more that I needed to talk about, but the old hands on the clock said it is time to go.

Before I get into this week’s column, let me tell everyone how sorry I am for not having a “Struttin’ Time” last week. I was in the mountains of West Virginia deer hunting with some friends and family from Tennessee and North Carolina

I must tell you it was a week from hell. It started raining one hour after we arrived and rained for the next seven days, without stopping. We had an ATV stuck, and our four-wheel-drive trucks were worthless. The hot water heater in the cabin went out on Sunday, and the pump on Monday. The mud was about a foot deep, it was a time not suited for man or beast, and we only killed one deer.

This will be our last “Struttin’ Time” for this year, but what a year it has been. We traveled to Florida, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, North Carolina, and of course Kentucky. We have laughed, cried together, were happy together and sad together.

There are several stories that I want to write about in January, if my friend Ben Gish and The Mountain Eagle will have us back again. The readers of “Struttin’ Time” are the greatest, and you keep me humble. We have made new friends and walked to the banks of the Silent River with others as the “Great Spirit” guided them across.

To each and every one of you, I leave you with this saying from the Nez Perce, “Great Spirit, guide me on the true path.”

Till next year!

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