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Struttin’ Time

11-year-old gets his big buck

Here it is already the second week of 2012. Time is just a memory anymore. I went coyote hunting and did well, but I won’t be talking about the hunts I go on for a while. Instead, I need to catch up on some other stories that need to be told. Following is one such story.

In the Kentucky youth season last year, a young man named Anthony Jent was brought to my attention by my friend Maxine Quillen, who thought he would make a really great story for Struttin’ Time. After listening to what she had to say, I agree.

Anthony is an 11- year- old 6th grade student at Beckham Bates Elementary School in the community of Colson, where he lives. He is four-feet, two-inches tall and weighs 82 pounds. His parents are Tony and Susie Jent. Of course, both father and son are hunters. The two things that set Anthony apart from a lot of youth hunters was he sat on Santa’s lap this past Christmas and talked to Santa killing a nice 10-point buck. I have hunted for 60 years and have gotten only one buck better that an eight-point. It was a 12-point. I gave the antlers to a friend a couple years ago, who was never to be heard from again.

The only thing Anthony wanted from Santa was to tell his story about the deer hunt with his Dad and a scrapbook to keep his Struttin’ Time stories in. Santa took care of both. The other thing in Anthony’s life is that he was born with debilitating allergies, and the medication he was on was as bad as the allergies. The medicince slowed his growth process and made it impossible for him to attend school last year. A change of medications has changed that and now he is back in regular school.

Santa could see how excited this young man was as he told his story about how on opening morning he and his Dad got ready to go into the mountains while his mother was demanding he eat breakfast. Anthony declined her request, and a few minutes after legal shooting light arrived, his buck of a lifetime stepped into his shooting lane where Anthony was ready with his trusted 30.30. Game over, and Anthony was back home to eat before his gravy got cold.

Everyday we need to learn something in this journey we call life, and Anthony taught me to just keep on keeping on. That is a lesson we all should remember.

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