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Struttin’ Time

That’s what friends are for …

I find myself more and more in a world gone mad, especially when it comes to things we used to do for fun. Today, people with money want to pay for things we used to do for free.

An example of what I’m talking about: I received a call recently from a man offering me a thousand dollars to take him and his son on a turkey hunt with me. I’m no Jim Shockey, so I told him we could just hunt together. After talking to him that I had to ask myself, am I stupid or what? Not really, because if you take money to hunt with someone it stops being fun and starts being a job.

I’m long retired. Had I of taken the money, I would have had to make sure the hunt happened — rain or shine, feeling well or sick. Then comes the hunt. If we didn’t kill anything, they would have felt cheated and I would have secondguessed myself.

After that phone call, I got a chance to talk with lifelong friend Tony Fugate of Mayking. He and his father Carlos and myself already have a turkey hunt planned in Letcher County in April. Isn’t this the way it is suppose to be — old friends out together hunting? If the weather is bad, we can just go and enjoy each other’s company over a strong cup of coffee rather than staying in the woods and being cold and wet. After all, isn’t hunting supposed to be something you enjoy and want to do with friends rather than something you have to do because you are getting paid?

Carlos, Tony, and myself will enjoy our time together as friends, not as employer and employee. I could have used the money I was offered by the other party, but I’ll enjoy being with my friends long after the money would have been spent.

On a sad note, my dear friend Raymond “Pap” Brown is in failing again and will have an operation on February 6. Pap, just make sure you are ready for turkey season. We can’t miss that.

If you would like to hunt with me, for free of course, my e-mail address is filo@suddenlink.net. Write me and I’ll try to work it out.

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