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Struttin’ Time

Not all goes as we’ve planned

I guess some things in life are just not meant to be. Although my 2012 hunting season is already planned and all the hunts are paid for and finalized, I realize that one dream of mine is not going to happen — the dream of killing a moose.

My friend Mike Cook and his son Heath offered me an all expense paid moose hunt in 2009 to Quebec, Canada. Because I already was booked in Wyoming and Colorado to hunt antelope and mule deer I had to decline their generous offer — and I’ve cried ever since. They left on September 15 of that year and hunted for 10 days, bagging a moose that weighed in at 1,100 pounds, with a 48-inch spread.

How could anyone ever turn down a friend’s offer like that hunting trip? Well I did and today those hunts are nowhere to be found. Every state that has a moose season within the United States has a draw system and a backlog of hunters trying to get in. Mike has looked at me several times since that hunt with a smile on his face that says, “What were you thinking.” Well, Mike, I wasn’t.

Both Heath and Mike had a great time on their trip and I am still grieving because I passed up the hunt of a lifetime. Some things are just not meant to be.

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