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Reconnecting with an old friend

I have surely lost my mind. I’ve come to that conclusion after readers contacted me about my decision not to accept payment for taking and man and his son turkey hunting and for failing to take the free moose hunting trip I was offered by my friend Mike Cook.

What can I say? The not taking the money for the turkey hunt is really easy to explain away — it was not the right thing to do. And like most everything else in this country, there is a law against it. Because I’m not a licensed guide or outfitter I could face some stiff fines. Bet you all didn’t know that, did you? As for not going with my buddy Mike, well, let’s just say I was not on top of my game that day.

Now for some good news: I received an e-mail last week from a young lady I first met years ago. Her name is Allie Banks and she lives in Pike County. I had not seen her since she was about 4 or 5 years old. Her dad, John Banks, was one of my best friends who I hunted with throughout the 80’s and into the 90’s.

John and I spent many hours listening to the beagles and watching the rabbits run over top of us. We have drunk many cups of coffee while sitting on the Dog House porch, a dog supply store that I owned. Some of my fondest memories are centered around the pot-bellied stove, drinking coffee and chatting with John at the Dog House.

Thanks, Allie, for doing a great job of reconnecting two old friends. John and I will stay in touch this time. It was good to hear from an old friend I hadn’t talked with in 19 years. It is funny how two friends that were as close as we were can separate, then after all that time be brought back together by a young lady who wanted to find some of her Dad’s old friends.

John told me he still uses the same old coffee cup that I gave him in 1990.

See you soon, John.

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