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Some good signs ahead — finally

Word came to me this week that what is probably Struttin’ Time’s oldest reader, Ms. Thelma Banks of Sandlick, just had her 88th birthday. I wish you many more, Thelma, and thanks for being a Struttin’ Time reader.

Also, I got word from my longtime friend Raymond “Pap” Brown that he is doing better after having back surgery on Feb. 6th. Pap also informed me of seeing about 35 wild turkeys around Letcher County. That is a good sign that our population is alive and well.

I haven’t received any word about the Little Shepherd Chapter’s annual banquet this year, so I have zero information to pass along. I leave for Florida on March 13 to kick off my quest for another turkey slam. I can’t figure out why I put myself into that mess year after year. I will varmint hunt from the 14th thru the 16th, then turkey season starts in the central zone on March 17. I will hunt in Archer, Fla., at the plantation I’ve hunted on for years, until the 19th and then move to Perry to hunt the 20th thru the 23rd. I will not be making the stop this year in Lake City to hunt an Eastern. I couldn’t get that worked out.

For all the hunters that read Struttin’ Time, let me fuel your passion about our Kentucky wild turkey season. It will be here before you know it, so get your gear ready. I have several hunts planned with my friends in Letcher County this year and will be reporting on those.

The successful turkey hunter is the hunter that plans, not just grabs some things and goes out into the woods. By the way, a friend of mine may have a moose hunt for me just over the hill. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Do people cross their fingers for luck anymore?

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