Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time

A technological breakdown

I find it more and more impossible to live in this “world gone mad,” where we have come to the point where cell phones and computers run us instead of us running them. Case in point is last week’s Struttin’ Time column.

My friend and editor Ben Gish and myself worked all day on trying to get the column into last week’s edition of The Mountain Eagle; we failed. Although our two computer systems have talked to each other for the past few years, this time they would not.

I wrote Struttin’ Time for the February 29 edition on February 24, and on the 29th Ben still had not received it. We went to the wire trying to get it in. Sorry that didn’t happen. This week I’m sending it to my wife, Sharon, to forward it to The Eagle for me. Keep your fingers crossed.

By Struttin’ Time not being printed last week, some things that needed to be told weren’t. Thus the old saying, “There is nothing as stale as yesterday’s news.” But I’m sure the Little Shepherd Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation had a good crowd, made some money, and had a great meal.

I also had wished my friends Leonard and Norma Fleming a happy 50th wedding day in last week’s column. That is past now, but I want them to know I was thinking about them.

I’ll be leaving for a Florida hunting trip on March 13. I will see if this works about forwarding. See you next week I hope.

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