Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time

Varmint and wild boar also wanted

I am now in Florida opening my 2012 hunting season. This year I have added a varmint hunt, and a wild boar hunt to my trip.

I had almost decided not to try for an Eastern turkey, but common sense and my old friend Garrett Miller told me just to stop and hunt with him, as I would be passing his plantation anyway, and he would even put me up for the night. It was a deal I couldn’t refuse, so I hope to have better luck hunting Easterns in Florida with him this year.

Last year I got skunked hunting Easterns after my Osceola hunt was over. I wish it had been as good as my hunt in the southern part of the state, but it wasn’t. What is the most important is I had fun.

I will be hunting Osceola’s again this year with my friend at Watermelon Pond Plantation, Ms. Kate Boulos. In my five years’ hunting there, she has always given me the run of the place (I didn’t even see her last year) and I’ve killed Osceola’s every year.

I was hoping to get out of town on a high note, but that didn’t happen. My long time friend Dale Morris crossed the “Silent River” just before I left. Dale was a fine friend, fellow, and an avid sportsman. He was a loving father, husband, and grandfather.

Dale was a quiet, almost shy, man who always had a nod and a grin for everyone. The last time I saw him was last summer in Whitesburg. He had just been to Tennessee fishing and had a farmer’s tan — legs as white as snow and his top part brown as a biscuit. I told him he should find a tanning bed to even things out. He just smiled and said nobody would even care.

My heart goes out to all of his family.

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