Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time

What will they think of next?

Just when I think I’ve heard it all, something else hits my blind side and I just shake my head and wonder, what else are the city slickers going to come up with when it comes to hunting? I thought they had run the gambit, with long range shooting, (killing animals at 800 yards or more), sitting in their offices and using a computer to shoot a deer in Texas while they are in New York, using AR’s to hunt with instead of regular guns that hunters should hunt with.

Now here is the newest, as well as the stupidest idea yet. Ready for this one, “Green Hunting.” I kid you not, you take a dart gun into the woods and shoot them to put them to sleep instead of killing them. Have your picture taken with them, then turn them back into the wild.

As I say all the time, we live in a world gone mad. If someone is going to hunt like that, let me give them a tip: use a camera, it will be much cheaper.

Enough of that, and on to a real Struttin’ Time story.

I met this very nice lady from Rush, Ky., in Boyd and Carter counties. Her name is Pearl Coleman, and she is my Weight Watchers instructor. She has been with that program for 30 years, and is one of the finest people I’ve had a chance to meet.

Pearl has two sons, Rich and Josh Coleman. A few years ago Josh came running into their house, and calmly said, “Mother, I just saw a wild boar in our yard.”

Pearl just looked at him with the way mothers look at you when they think you need to get in out of the sun. Josh had the same report a couple more times, same reaction from his mother.

Then on an Easter Sunday with the whole family gathered to hunt eggs and do what families do that time of year, lo and behold, here came a pack of dogs, yelping every breath, chasing a wild boar. They penned it up, but you can’t keep one penned up, so here it came.

Rich had a beagle and of course, it had to get into the race, and Rich was trying to catch the beagle while Pearl and the rest of the family got on top of swingsets, on the banister, anywhere they could get to get away from this wild boar. Well, all ended OK and about a month later here came Rich with a set of tusks he had found.

So if someone tells you there is a boar in your yard, you might want to at least look outside.

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