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Partly sunny

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Kids Day takes much planning

We have walked together in the shadow of a rainbow. Kids Days for the summer of 2009 are behind us. What a year it was.

We started planning in January, started raising funds in March, and had our first event, at Calvary campus, on May 2. Despite the weather we have had to deal with, the events have been great. Even with the bad economy, the Kids Days committee lost no sponsors and was only cut back by one big chain store, which operates in Whitesburg, by $500.

I think out loud sometimes and I am having a hard time trying to understand why the largest retail company in the world would cut its donation when we turn right around and spend 10 times the amount that they donated. Although they cut our money, we didn’t theirs.

The second event was at Jenkins, on June 6. Our committee likes to go to Jenkins and I hope we will be going back next year. I would like to take this time to welcome Jenkins Schools Superintendent Debbie Watts to our committee. I watched as she jumped right into the middle of working for this county.

Out final summer Kids Days was held on July 31 at the Whitesburg River Park. It rained hard but never slowed the kids down. We had a very big crowd, the kids and ducks had a great time, and all got their back-toschool supplies. The two biggest hits seemed to be the appearance of Miss Kentucky (she was a crowd pleaser) and the bike show. Although Kids Days is a county-wide effort, and we can’t single anyone out, I do want to give a special thank you to the Mountain Shrine Club in Whitesburg. They have cooked for us at every event. They do good work.

Christmas in the Park is our next event and will be held on December 11 at River Park. I have no official word if the Kids Days committee and the City of Whitesburg will join forces this year to do the Christmas Parade, although it was a big hit last year. I will keep you updated. Thanks to all.

Remember that squirrel season opens on August 15. I will be taking two youths hunting in Letcher County that morning. Getting our youth involved in our sport is the only way to save it. I spoke with several of my hunting buddies on Friday, and they seem ready to go at it. I will be leaving for a black bear hunt in Vermont on August 28. The season opens September 1. The nonresident license fee is only $90, and that includes a bear tag and deer tag.

I will be going to Barnes, Kansas on October 6 to hunt Rio Grande and hybrid turkeys. We will be talking more about that later. I see my time has come and gone for this week. Take a kid hunting on opening day. It will make you a better person.

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