Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time

Be prepared for your turkey hunt

I’m looking straight down my gun barrel of life with my Western turkey hunts in my sights. For my buddies who will be hunting Kentucky, it is past time to get your equipment ready. Don’t wait until the night before to try and get ready, do it now. Make yourself a list, write down what you want to take into the turkey woods, and then pack it. Don’t check it off your list until it is packed.

The old saying, “Better to have something in the woods, and not need it, than not have something and need it,” is never more true than opening day of turkey season. Have you chalked or sanded your favorite call, made sure your mouth call still works and is not dry-rotted from last year? Being prepared will make you hunt more enjoyably and of course more successfully.

If you have inflatable decoys, make sure they haven’t gotten a leak since last year. Nothing makes you want to cry anymore than to be calling in the old longbeard, take a look at your decoy and see it going flat. If you are like me, we repair more and more every year because hunting is getting to be so expensive.

I usually don’t endorse products, but a Therma-Cell is a must. They work much better than sprays or lotions, only cost around $25.00, and last a lifetime. The refills can get a little expensive, but they are worth their weight in gold.

Clean your shotgun, and make sure it is still sighted in. These little things will pay off big time when you head off into the turkey woods.

I will try to keep you updated on my Western turkey hunts. They start in Kansas, for the Rio, on April 11. Wish me luck. Remember, where I am you are there also.

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