Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time

Our last turkey hunt in western state

As you read this, I hope to be in a blind, turkey hunting, in Lebanon, Kansas.

This is my hunt for a Rio, the native turkey to this area. The old body is tired, but my mind is as sharp as ever when it comes to killing one of these wiry birds. They don’t give you a second chance, and don’t stand and pose for you.

I need to mention that this will be our last hunt out west. Once we pull into the old corral after hunting the Western states, we will just be hunting around home, Kentucky, North Carolina, and West Virginia. But we have had a great run, and we will still do Struttin’ Time, we will just be doing it closer to home.

In case you wonder to whom I refer as we, it is you, the Struttin’ Time reader, and myself. My hope and dream is that you always come along with me on every trip, and in my mind’s eye you do.

The miles and the expenses have finally caught up with me. I have never nor would I ever accept any sponsorship, and even if some sponsor stepped forward, they couldn’t replace my youth, so we will just hunt at home and I will be closer to my buddies to hunt with.

I guess this year, more than anytime, I have noticed the changing face of America. When we look at each other in Letcher County, we see and hear the features of people that have been left with us for years from our forefathers, but we are not the real America anymore. You won’t be able to understand many of the people, who, by the way, are Americans, they speak a broken English, if you will. Their hair and eyes are no longer blond and blue, and they have a different off-white color to their skin. I’m not saying this is bad, I have just told you what I have observed.

Well, as I say farewell to my friends out west for the final time, all is not lost. I’ll have more time to spend harassing ya’ll.

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