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Struttin’ Time

A hunting trip can fall apart fast

A year full of rookie mistakes, and me just being plain stupid, may have cost me a “Slam” this year.

Before I get into just what I mean, let me set the record straight. If there is not a Struttin’ Time in The Mountain Eagle, it is not my friends’ fault, neither Ben Gish nor the staff of The Mountain Eagle. I would like to thank everyone for all the calls, and emails asking about Struttin’ Time. All I can say is I’m sorry. I really try my best. If Struttin’ Time is not there, it is either the fault of the carriers not getting it to Ben, or I have not been able to write one because of me being without computer service. There are places, especially in the Western states, where there is no kind of service, except spotty at best.

Well, things went well on my Florida trip, then they went a little crazy in Kansas where I killed one Longbeard on opening morning but let five walk away — but not without slinging lead.

Then on the second morning, I missed another Longbeard, which meant I had missed the last two turkeys I had shot at. But what a fun day the second day was, with a tornado approaching and winds gusting to 45 miles per hour, just sitting in the blind was a work of art. I left Kansas the morning it hit, so I was still a winner in my book.

In South Dakota, the weather was beautiful until I arrived. They only get around 17 inches of rain a year I’m told. Rain arrived just a few minutes after I got there, and rained for the next four days. They had four inches of rain, and my guide wouldn’t hunt in the rain, so no turkey.

Then it was on to Wyoming. Everything went fine there. I got two on my first evening and was set to hunt the following day, then I realized in Wyoming I had used up my tags. You can kill two in one day, but your hunt is over.

I sat in the bunkhouse the next morning watching as Merriams strutted in the pastures, and me finished!

It was back east to get my slam for 2012 when things really fell apart.Stay tuned next week to hear how I ended up, and what can fall apart fast in the hunting woods.

By the way, my friends Adam Hall from Jackhorn, and James Johnson of McRoberts, both got nice turkeys. I hope to do a story on them when they get me the information.

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