Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time

Fishermen have bad outings, too!

Regular readers know my passion is turkey hunting and that I have failed everyone who was rooting for me to complete another “Grand Slam.”

I really tried this season, but the “great spirit” of the harvest wouldn’t allow it. Well my friend Billy Sexton, who operates Sexton’s Used Cars in Whitesburg, has just as much passion about fishing as I do turkey hunting. Billy called me last week in a state of depression. He didn’t want to read about me crying over striking out when he’d had his own problems fishing in Alabama.

Billy had gone to Alabama to do some crappie fishing. The fish were going wild and biting for everyone — that is, everyone except Billy. He fished hard for a solid week and couldn’t buy a fish, even from another fisherman. He started fishing around the clock, using every lure and every piece of live bait he could find. Still not a fish.

As Billy’s bad luck was continuing, a group of fishermen pulled their boat beside his. Seeing he was in distress, they gave him their tackle. That didn’t help either. About that time another group who had been watching gave Billy their rod and reel — the same ones they were using to catch fish nearby. The really low blow came when they exchanged boats with him. That would be like me letting someone “call” for me, then shoot my turkey.

Billy never caught a fish, despite all the hard work he put into it. And that is the point of hunting or fishing — you gave it your best shot against all odds.

Billy is still in need of a good night’s rest and someone to talk him through his worst fishing trip ever. I have a feeling he will be back on the lake soon, and that his nightmare will not even be a memory.

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