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Struttin’ Time

A case of stupidity or disinterest?

While sitting on my porch the other day enjoying a cup of International coffee (Hazelnut in case you are wondering), the turkeys were gobbling on the mountains, reassuring me that I can still get another “grand slam” in 2012.

I was in a state of depression about not getting my slam this spring until a friend reminded me that if I get my Eastern this fall I would still have a slam for 2012. He is right, so now I’m feeling better.

As I have mentioned before in Struttin’ Time, this world has gone crazy and is getting worse. I need to relay too you something that happened to me recently just to reinforce my theory. I went into a convenience store to pay for my gas. As everyone knows, they require you to pre-pay now just about everywhere. I was the only customer in the store.

Anyway, a young lady behind the counter asked if she could help me. I handed her a $20 bill and mentioned that I thought my truck should hold that much. When I pumped it full, it only held $15, so I returned to the clerk. I was still the only person in the store, as nobody had been in behind me. She got off her cellular phone, looked right at me, and said, “May I help you?” I could tell she didn’t remember me from just five minutes before. I told her my truck wouldn’t hold $20, just $15. She said she would reset the pump and see if it would let me put the other $5 in the tank. Again, I explained it was already full and that I just needed my change. She asked what change?

After about 10 minutes of us going back and forth, her manager came in and I explained the situation to him. He handed me $5 and I got in my truck, and left. Meanwhile, the clerk got back on her cell phone while I was pulling from their pumps.

Sometimes I wonder what our world will look like in 30 years. Will we even recognize it? When a young person can’t even make change or remember someone they just spoke to, I worry that it won’t be long before the airplanes won’t fly, the trains won’t run, and that when our cars break down, there they will sit because no one will know how to fix them.

I shouldn’t worry about what this world will look like then, because if the past is any road map to the future, I will have already crossed the Silent River. Until then I will just grin, scratch my head in wonderment, and rejoice in the fact that I can’t live as long as I’ve already lived.

Think I’ll go to the riverbank and catch some catfish.

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