Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time

Not fun when it’s on your watch

Last week I had one of the lowest points of my life when I got my only grandbaby, Camden, hurt. It happened so fast I still have trouble getting the picture in my mind.

Camden and I were alone on a playground. It was a beautiful day, and she was having a super good time. We had just finished and were heading back inside, her little hand in mine. She stopped and looked up at me and with fear in her eyes said, “Poppy, I’m hurt.”

After hearing her words my eyes went to the ground around us, fearing that a snake had been there and had gone unnoticed. I didn’t see anything, but picked her up to look at where she said she was hurting. I saw the telltale signs that she had been stung. I couldn’t find a stinger. They were hornets, and one had latched on to her.

I can’t believe that I let her get hurt on my watch. I will never forgive myself. I spoke to her today, and told her I was so sorry that I let her get hurt. She said, “That is okay Poppy, I’m alright now.”

Things happen fast in life and we need to be happy as often as possible. One minute Camden was laughing and having a big time with her Poppy; the next she was sick from a hornet sting.

I often wonder why we have pests like hornets, mosquitoes, gnats, snakes, and of course people who lie and steal — people or insects who hurt little children. Maybe some day I will have the answer.

Once again, Camden, Poppy is sorry.

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