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Struttin’ Time

More evidence of world gone mad

As I sit on my porch watching it rain I am thankful that we finally have some relief from the heat.

We have 31 days until squirrel season opens (August 18) and 48 days until archery season. Please do us all a favor and take some kids hunting. They are the sport’s future.

I have three neighbor children lined up to hunt with this year. Noah is 14 and a freshman at Estill County High School and will bring along his brother and his sister. They are really good kids and love to hunt. Noah even did something this year that I failed to do, kill a longbeard Eastern.

I am ashamed of myself after looking at the condition some of my guns are in. A man should be jailed for letting their equipment get in such bad shape! If it has been a while since you put your favorite squirrel gun up, you better take a look at it.

I looked in Cabela’s magazine to purchase some new broadheads and went into shell shock when I saw the prices. I think I will try to get another year or two from mine — unless some reader would like to buy a dozen and give them to me for a present. I use 125 gr Grim Reaper. A pack of three costs $39 plus postage. I won’t hold my breath (ha ha!).

Speaking of breath, I’m just now getting back from the brutal spring I went through and my vision is now focused on the coming season.

Meanwhile, Raymond “Pap” Brown is in the planning stage again for his Free Kids Fishing Day. I’ll keep you informed.

And now from my files about this world is going crazy. I read that the Kroger where I shop was having a cantaloupe sale. I love those things, and just thinking about them makes my mouth water. Upon arriving in the store, I went to the produce department. There hung a nice new sign saying, “fresh, vine-ripened cantaloupe, $1.98.” Problem was there were no cantaloupes. I went to the manager’s window and asked if they could bring some up. He looked at me and said, “Just go back to the metal door and ask them to bring some up.”

To the back of the store I went. I looked in and there stood a young Mexican girl loading some corn into a basket. I said, “You need to take some cantaloupe up front. Just give me four as you pass.” Her answer was hard for me to get the gist of because it was mostly in Spanish. I just took out the sign and told her in my hillbilly tongue that I couldn’t eat a sign. She smiled and said, “We are out of them.” I asked her why she had posted the sign if they were out and she said they told me to do it three days earlier when they had them.

I then asked her why she didn’t post a sign that said, “Sorry we are out of cantaloupe.” Her answer: “Because they didn’t print me a sign that said we are out.”

I’m glad I can’t live as long I’ve already lived. This world is going crazy.

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