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Baits for fishing in rising lakes

Heavy summer rains have caused many area lakes to rise quickly. This turns all the water very muddy and makes fishing hard. There is not much you can do but wait a few days and see what the weather does.

If it does not rain hard for a couple of days, the water in some areas will start to clear and stabilize. Some fish will move into these areas with the clearer water and will feed and move out more as the water clears. Look for these areas in places like the backs of coves and hollows around bluffs and cliff lines in the back of creeks, and in the headwaters of some lakes. These areas will clear before the rest of the main lake.

Most of these areas will be in fairly shallow water or close to the bank. Lures such as small willow leaf spinner baits or a small top water or jerk-style bait will work well. The bass will be feeding close to the surface most of the time. Cast these baits around the cover and work them back.

Shallow running crank baits work well on feeding bass. If these baits don’t produce, then switch to deeper baits such as a small worm or jig. This is my preferred way to fish in this situation, and I have done very well fishing jigs in flooded high-water lakes.

Bass can become very aggressive and start a feeding frenzy because of all the new food brought into the lake with the rising water. Look for places where drains or culverts dump water into the lake for a fishing hot spot. It can be hard to fish in flooded conditions, but try these tips. They just might help you out.

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