Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time

Where not a word told was the truth

I had nothing but good memories as I pack my final things after selling my West Virginia farm. As I sat on “Honest Abe’s” bench, where, by the way, the truth was never spoken, I couldn’t help but remember all the “great hunters” who had been on this bench telling their stories.

A friend of mine, Roy Nessler, made the old bench with the hard work of his own two hands and put it around my century old breakfast table because, he said, it just didn’t seem right to him for an old table like that not to have a bench. Although the chairs are there also, every hunter visiting my cabin has sat on the old bench made of solid oak. It is five feet long, two feet wide, and four inches thick. Roy made it to last, along with an outside bench and my fireplace mantel. Although he has crossed the “Silent River,” just sitting on the bench or leaning on the fireplace mantel brings his stories back to life.

Several young hunters have taken their first deer or turkey from my farm, and I still see their excitement as they took their turns telling of their hunt. Even the time lost is burned into my mind. A group from Tennessee came to hunt with me, I guess because to hunt on my farm was free, and of course fun. But it rained from the first minute they stepped out of the trucks until they left. Nothing is as nasty as an old farm when it rains.

As I make ready for my last trip to the farm, surely the things that have happened there will stay with me for the rest of my life. I could write a ton of Struttin’ Times just about the people who took time to spend at what we all called The Out Post, but some memories are just best left between me and my mind, or heart.

I miss the ole place already, but life is about the future and The Out Post has out lived its future in my world.

Remember Kids’ Day on August 18 at Letcher. Please come out and show your support. This may be one of the last.

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