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Struttin’ Time

The hunt for wild boar was on …

I have just returned from my Florida gator and wild boar hunt. And what a trip it was.

I should have left Felber behind, but he found out I was going and sort of invited himself! The trip down was great, no problems, except feeling the need to leave Felber at some rest area.

When we arrived at the hunting lodge we were greeted by the owners. What a thrill there. Usually some of the hired help greets you, but not here. What a beautiful lodge. It had an indoor Olympicsize pool and large rooms. The owners took an instant dislike for Felber and his Northern attitude and told him as much.

That evening our guide, the owners’ son Rick, came over. I have hunted with Rick on turkey hunts before and we have become great friends. Rick had arranged us a wild boar hunt to go along with our gator hunt, but he was not involved it the boar hunt.

Gator season would start at 5 p.m. on August 15, so our morning was free. It was a choice of going shrimping or boar hunting. I took the boar hunt. Felber and I met our outfitter, R T Herrington of God’s Country Outfitters, and his guides with their hounds at 6:30 a.m., and the hunt was on.

I will do part two of our hunt next week, so stay tuned.

On a personal note, my friend Raymond “Pap” Brown is having a very tough time while trying to recover from surgery. Please keep him in your thoughts. Stay tuned. You will really enjoy the next two editions of Struttin’ Time.

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