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Beware of mosquitoes — and wasps

The long wait is over. The opening day of squirrel season has come and gone. In case you didn’t already know before you went hunting, the mosquitoes are ruthless this year.

I had lunch with Derek Barto and Jimmy McIntosh this past week, and we were discussing the fact that mosquitoes are not the only things that will eat you alive. For some reason, wasps are attacking without rhyme or reason. Derek has been stung three times, Jimmy four, and I almost called home because they put the hurt on me so bad.

When the next friend of mine leaves for what is known as a better place, please ask God for me, “Why did you create gnats, yellow jackets, mosquitoes, and wasps”? Surely God was having a bad day when He let those things come about.

The best one I heard during the lunch was Jimmy talkng about buying spray to kill the wasps where he was working, which resulted in one flying down the back of his pants. I don’t know if he got anyone to pull the stinger out or not.

Does anyone remember our retired county extension agent, Paul Morris? Paul could have told us why everything was being so aggressive this year. I miss Paul and his knowledge of the pests we have to put up with. If you find yourself within 10 feet of a wasp this season, watch out because it is going to attack.

I hope every adult squirrel hunter had a kid with them on opening day. I know I have talked a lot of our sport dying because of lack of youth; just do the math. What I have seen so far indicates we can count on having squirrel gravy. I was fixing my deer stand last Tuesday and saw several gray tails.

This old body just about can’t go anymore. I had to stand and watch as two of my friends fixed my place. My walking is getting labored and getting around in the woods is getting to be impossible. But I will hunt if I have to get wheeled in on a gurney. Old habits die hard.

Remember, although I can hardly get around, some people can’t do that. I have lived a life bigger than a dream, and I thank all of you for that. Until next time, do something good for a stranger.

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