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Struttin’ Time

Is anyone having success this fall?

Although archery season for deer and turkey has been in for almost a month, I have received no reports of anyone killing anything except time. I have not gotten the chance to go out yet, as I have just finished up my move, but this weekend is on my radar and I have been seeing some monster longbeards.

I would just about bet you this time next week I finally get my “Slam” for 2012. Everyone would have to agree we have had some beautiful days to be in the woods. In a way, it is a challenge for me — new territory, new lease on life, and new friends I have met along the way. I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen flocks with as many as 12 longbeards in them, which tells me I’m not doing my job well.

The first thing I must do, as well as you, before hunting on someone else’s land is of course to get permission, and I have from a couple of farmers whose land joins the Daniel Boone National Forest. There are woods behind me and a 20-acre cornfield in front of me at one place I now can hunt, and that is a great set-up in anyone’s book. I often wonder why you can’t bait for turkey, yet it is OK to sit on the edge of a cornfield. Huh?

A call I’ve found to be very effective is the “kee kee.” That is the sound of a lost turkey trying to find some buddy to hang out with. It works also in the spring, but a warning — in the spring it brings in more hens than gobblers.

I also have good news to report this week: Our friend “Pap” Brown is doing better, so I am in a good mood and to be back to Struttin’ Time as usual. It feels great to be back to talking about hunting. See you next week.

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