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Is hunting now for the rich only?

I am in a state of shock again. The Western states have lost their mind. Check out this e-mail that I got last week: “Effective January 1 you must purchase your New Mexico hunting license before you can apply for a hunt, including turkey. The total cost of your license and fees will be $390.00 if you plan to hunt on public land and $370.00 if you hunt on private land. The license will allow you to hunt small game if you are not drawn.”

What, hunt small game? Who in their right mind would pay that kind of money and drive for three days to hunt a jackrabbit. The officials in New Mexico have lost their minds, but remember this is the state that a few years ago tried to make it mandatory to hire a guide to hunt there before the courts threw that law out. I love hunting in New Mexico. That is where I killed my elk (in the Carson National Forest) but I will not be bullied into buying a license with no hope of getting my money back if I fail to get drawn.

The Western states are pricing themselves out of business, with thousands of tags going unapplied for in states like Idaho, Kansas and Wyoming. Those states have taken the non-residents to the cleaners, and hunters are slowly but surely waking up. Take it from someone who knows, hunting is once again getting to be a rich man’s sport, and I personally am about to bow out. States don’t care to “sock it to” the non-residents because we can’t get even with them.

I still haven’t gotten my Eastern wild turkey, but I will before this year is over. Just a minute, they have given me an idea. Send me a certified check, in the amount of say $150.00, and I will send you a camo-cap and t-shirt and put your name in a drawing. If you don’t get drawn, then I will just keep your money and you can look at your check stub every once in a while. Right.

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