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North Carolina a good place to hunt

I left on October 14 for my annual black bear hunting trip to North Carolina, hunting in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

That is a trip that I look forward to each year because it gives me time to reflect on life while sitting on top of the world. Also what makes it a fun trip is that this is a trip that just about anyone could afford.

The license and tag for a nonresident is only $245, and what most people from our area don’t realize is that it is only a three and a half hour drive. The cost includes deer hunting, your choice of weapon, and a bear tag. You are allowed up to four deer, so the price is right.

What makes it even better this year is a little known day that happens every four years, known as leap year, that comes in February. When that happens, it extends the life of your license by two days, unless of course it expires on a fixed date, like Kentucky.

This year when I turkey hunted in Florida, my license and tag were good throughout the hunt so I never had to buy any, same as my bear hunt in North Carolina. My license and tags are good for the first three days, if I don’t have a bear, I either need to stop hunting, or go buy one.

I wouldn’t care to bet the states that have your license run from the day you buy it until a year later soon put a stop to that. These states look at it as they have lost money on these deals, but just like the Western states are starting to understand, you can’t lose money, you didn’t have.

Well wish me luck. See you next week.

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