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Struttin’ Time

Needed: A screen door — and sense

When I was a kid growing up in McRoberts, the only thing that stopped someone from entering your house while you were gone was a screen door — and common sense. When I move here to Estill County, the first thing that greeted me was a thief who wanted some work. I gave it to him, and he in return stole from me.

After living in Letcher County for more than 60 years without anyone stealing anything from me, I was in for a rude awaking. Stealing has now become the norm for some people to exist. They steal for their drug money, they steal because they don’t want to work, but most of all they steal because the authorities let them.

I fully realize that our “Stand Your Ground” law now gives you the right to protect your person, and property, but it is not that simple. These parasites lay in wait until you go to work, until you go out with your family, until you go to church, or until you go on vacation. If you go to the courthouse on any day, you will see the same people there from the month before — all charged with another crime.

The people that are getting robbed don’t stand a chance. They lose what was stolen, but they also lose much more than that. They lose the feeling of security. I speak with first hand knowledge. I received several reports this week from Letcher County about tree stands, game cameras, and blinds being stolen.

My friends Michael Sexton and Harold Sexton had fixed up places for their kids to hunt, and both had people steal their things. It is bad enough that someone would steal for a pill, but the people who are buying these things are just as much to blame. We can’t build enough jails, or prisons. But I have a plan, if the judges would just follow it: If someone is caught stealing, pleads guilty or is found guilty in a court of law, remove their right hand. Second offense? Remove their left hands. Third time? Take away their sight.

That punishments I listed above would also hold true for the person who intended to buy the stolen items from them, or did buy from them. Stealing is rampant now. I just read a story where someone stole a prizewinning pumpkin that weighed 300 pounds. We need to do something to try and get back to the days when all that stood between someone entering our house was a screen door, and common sense.

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