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Struttin’ Time

Turkey proves its strength to girl

The stories are coming in faster than I can write them now, so I’ll start with the first one and we will run them for as long as I need too. If you don’t read your story this week, just hang on, it will appear soon.

A few years ago while hunting in my yard at Dry Fork, where I’ve gotten some of my biggest bucks, I heard a shot on opening morning of rifle season. I looked at my watch and saw it was 9:30 a.m. The shot came from my friend’s place just down the road, Raymond “Pap” Brown’s. I knew it was either Destiny or Carla, his granddaughters.

Wanting to get a good story for Struttin’ Time, I put up my gun and got out my pen and paper and headed to Pap’s. I found Carla eating her Cocoa Puffs. She isn’t much into hunting, but she loves those Cocoa Puffs. And then there was Destiny with a nice buck. She was so proud. We all were.

Now that same little girl has grown into a young lady of 15. She loves sports, especially hunting, and as she has grown she has honed her skills to become a very good hunter. This past week, Letcher County was hit with an early snowstorm and there was no school. Destiny got up with her Uncle Dale Brown, and into the woods they went. It wasn’t long before Destiny ran upon a flock of turkeys that the snow had driven from the high country. She readied her bow just as a nice longbeard came into view. Her flight was true and she had a nice Eastern longbeard on the ground, something that I have failed to do so far this year.

The turkey was doing what turkeys do when shot — flopping on the ground. Trouble was it was heading straight for a big mud hole and Destiny was not going to let that happen, or so she thought. Destiny learned a lesson about the strength of a turkey when she grabbed it. The bird grabbed her and both went into the mud hole, where the longbeard began beating her with his wings while her gloves were tangled in his spur.

As we say in the mountains, Destiny was in a tight spot with no help coming from Uncle Dale. This must have been a sight to behold. She finally got her turkey, but not before it left her wet, battered and bruised. Just glad it wasn’t me. Destiny, from now on just keep an eye on them, they will soon “flop out.”

Coming next week: My friend Donna Mason came through with the information on Nick, and his story is next. Hunt safely and keep those stories coming.

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