Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time

Looking back at the year that was

It is that time again when we shut down the old computer and close out another year. Before we do that, looking into our rear view mirror is in order.

Again this year we have traveled more than 7,000 miles hunting, and what a year it has been. Although my wild turkey “grand slam” slipped from my grasp, it was my fault and nobody else’s. I got all except the Eastern, which should have been a shoe-in.

Better news is that we have not had to write as many stories about our friends crossing “The Silent River.”

We have laughed together many times this year, as I received more mail than ever — most of it good news. You also traveled with me from Florida in March to Wyoming in April. We met new friends along the way and wrote about some of them, like Don and Carol Ballard of Upton, Wyoming.

Yes, overall this has been a good year. Not only did I kill the biggest deer of my life; you told me about you doing the same thing, although some of them were only does. But remember, a trophy is in the eye of the beholder.

My old friend Raymond “Pap” Brown gave us all a scare, but is much better now and will be the honorary grand marshal in the Whitesburg Christmas parade. He lives to hunt another day, and we are thankful

Word that Coco Puff Carla Sturgill killed her first buck not only thrilled her, but us as well. Her “Big Sis” Destiny not only got a buck as well, but also a nice fall longbeard.

Yes, we had a great year together. Although the thieves have made us lose some of our joy, we have had friends to stand with us, and my hope is that the bad people of Letcher County end up were they can’t hurt anyone else in 2013.

In addition to the readers, I also want to thank my friends at The Mountain Eagle who make my stories into readable material, and “The Great Spirit” that walks with me in this journey we call life.

As I close I want to give a special thanks to the people of the Commonwealth for making hunting a right for evermore, and to our state representative Leslie Combs for fighting for us, although some anti’s tried to get her to stop. Anti’s would stop us from hunting today if they got a chance, but 86% of the people said, “No way, we are with the hunters.”

Until I return with more Struttin’ Time stories next year, remember this is one old mountain man that loves you.

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