Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time

Thieves should be dealt with harshly

As we start a new year together, I am already saddened, and this is only the ninth of January.

I recently saw where our sheriff , Danny Webb, and a great one I will add, is asking everyone to take pictures and write down serial numbers of items in their homes. As I have stated before, I remember when all that kept someone from breaking into your house was a screen door and common sense.

I am so ashamed of some of the people of Letcher County. The people they are stealing from are their neighbors, family, friends, and people they see all the time in town. Again, we are going to need to use self-help. Danny Webb cannot be everywhere, so call him after the fact — not after the fact you just got burglarized or robbed, but after you just shot the culprit. I am sure that — and a little help from the court system — will go a long way in stopping the stealing going on.

Let’s turn to hunting. Now is the time to clean up your hunting equipment, as turkey season is just around the corner. Make sure your calls are sanded, or chalked, that your camo matches the time of year, and that your blinds are in working order. Now is a great time to start standing outside in early morning to begin picking up on any turkey activity.

You and I have a different line of attack this year. First we will be heading to Florida on March 13 to hog hunt on the 14th, then get set up on the 15th to turkey hunt on the 16th. That is were our plan differs from the last few years. This time we don’t head west. I am forgoing our western hunts until we get our Eastern bird.

Remember, this past year, I didn’t get an Eastern, and I don’t want a repeat. We will be hunting hogs with my long time friends from God’s Country Outfitters, and turkey with my long time outfitter Kate Boulos with Water Melon Pond Plantation of Archer, Florida. On this trip we will have Donnie Mullins of Fort Wayne, Indiana and Richard Brewer of Wilkesboro, North Carolina hunting with us.

We will hunt Eastern wild turkey in the northern part of Florida with Millcreek Outfitters before heading to North Carolina in search of more Eastern.

Stay tuned, it should be a fun year.

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